The Services



BILL, ISENEGGER & ACKERMANN focuses on competent, high quality advice to the client. The foundations for this advice are fact finding and thorough legal analysis, taking into account the client's economic situation. The result therefrom is the optimized solution. Highest priority is given to professional advice, confidentiality, and ethical principles. The services of the firm are based on efficiency, timeliness, and diligence.

The firm sees itself as a modern service provider. Innovative information and communication techniques form the basis for the office infrastructure and administration of the firm. As a result of the most advanced data management techniques, any employee of the firm can access the most current information regarding each client's file, irrespective of his or her location. A very high value is set on data security. Internal and external electronic data bases, as well as the firm's own library, are available for efficient and expeditious legal research.