New Publications

Walter Frei


Thomas Koch

  Silvan Hürlimann  
  Jürg Roth  

Dr. Walter Frei

Commentary on the harmonised Zurich Taxation Act (together with Dr. Felix Richner, Stefan Kaufmann and Hans Ulrich Meuter), 2nd ed Zurich 2006

International judicial assistance in tax matters, Zrcher Steuerpraxis 2005

Dr. Silvan Hürlimann

The Insider Trading Regulation, Comparative Study of the Swiss and the American Regulations in Con-sideration of the EU-Guidelines and the Current Modifications of the Capital Market Regulations, Zurich, 2005

Jürg Roth

Suspect and forfeiture periods of avoidance actions in the course of a Composition Agreement with Assignment of Assets, BlSchK 2005 S. 89-102