Dr. Markus Bill

Dr. Urs Isenegger

Dr. Walter Frei

Peter Ackermann, LL.M.

Dr. Louis Bochud, Notary

Dr. Thomas Koch

Dr. Claudia Camastral

Matthias Müller, LL.M.

Dr. Thomas Röthlisberger

Dr. Silvan Hürlimann, LL.M.

Jürg Roth, Frsprecher

Daniela Diederichs-Fischli, LL.M.

Pascal Engelberger, LL.M.

Nadja Funke, dipl. Steuerexpertin

Dominique Schülin, LL.M.

Andrea Ostini della Vedova, LL.M.


Counsel Dr. Konrad Fischer


Education and practical experience

University of Zurich, lic. iur. 1986

Dr. iur. 1995 (The Liability of Inheritors for Debt under the Tax Law)

Admitted to the Bar 1990

Legal court secretary with the Labour Court of Zurich, 1988-1990

Legal secretary to the legal department of taxation matters of the Zurich Finance Department, 1990-1995

Preferred areas of practice

Tax Law, Corporate Law, Contract Law, Labour and Employment Law, Inheritance Law, Estate Administration, Insolvency Law


Swiss Bar Association, Zurich Bar Association


German, English, French