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BILL, ISENEGGER & ACKERMANN is a mid-size law firm in Zurich. The firm's lawyers are committed to an integral and solution-oriented client service. The firm renders comprehensive legal advice to domestic and international clients in all fields of commercial law. Practice areas include contracts, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, communications law (including electronic media, telecommunications and internet), intellectual property and competition law, tax, insolvency law, family and inheritance law (e.g., asset and estate planning), banking and securities, aviation and travel law, litigation and arbitration, immigration, and international private law.

The firm advises its clients in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Most of the lawyers of BILL, ISENEGGER & ACKERMANN have, in addition to their legal education in Switzerland, post-graduate degrees from universities abroad and/or practical experience with law firms in the USA or in the EU. The firm's long-standing relationships with law firms abroad allow to fully advise the clients in international matters and cross-border transactions.

Updated April 15, 1998